Monday, May 28, 2007

Tigger ,,,,,

Beloved Tigger - 1993- May 28, 2007
Has been a part of the family almost as long as my son, and cared for very much. He has been suffering from a certain type of throat cancer, and today - though many breaking hearts - he was put down. A very very hard decision for my mom and my sister Amanda - as Tigger has been a big part of their lives (of all of our lives) going on 14 years now. Rest in peace Dear Tigger - My thoughts are with my sister and my mom.
The picture was taken Mother's Day 07

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I finished a layout yah!!!

I have been wanting to do this layout for a while, and I got some inspiration from Scrapbooks ETC. and wha-la here is my finished product - hope to get on a roll here soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

mid week ...

yet really it does not feel like it, I guess that is what a long weekend does - haha missing the weekend already. I had a great weekend, a little of this and that done - all good - didn't go camping but spent just as much staying home and buying stuff for my kid haha. Again all good. I got a couple projects on the go this weekend scrapbooking wise, finished up one to send away and have started on this great layout of my son - tried out a technique that I saw in the latest Scrapbook Etc. magazine (I have really been enjoying my copy of that magazine - lots of scraplifting ideas in there haha).

I have been touring some blogs this morning, I know it is only after 9 am but already I am wishing I was home and at my scrap table - with the inspiration fresh in my mind on my computer screen. I have been having some trouble with my home computer, I do hope that things do not go south there as I would really miss not having the access at home, as would my son - it's funny what we get use to isn't it? I mean we have only been on line at home for just over a year, and I would be sad if my computer failed me now, they are pretty expensive to keep up and current though aren't they?!

I am looking forward to going to another evening at Simply Suppers, and getting some more meals into the freezer. I certainly have enjoyed trying out new dishes and having the options this program has given me. It's been great for my mom as well, it's only her and her guy now and she is really enjoying the different entrees and having them ready to cook when she gets home from work. It's not like ready made - I mean you have to cook, bake, slowcooker the entree and you need to make your sides - I just really enjoy having the different meals lettting someone else provide the effort of what to cook haha.

As it seems for the moment that as a renter I am still going to be able to stay in the city, I felt it was time to get back involved with my community league again, I have only been away from the league for about 7 months but I have felt more out of touch with the city and what is going on since. As some of the issues that were the reason I stepped down, well while not resolved - I can't really have any active involvement in - thought it was time to reconnect with some other important items - namely where we live.

Ha ha it is only Wednesday and I am looking forward to the weekend already. Kinda glad all the shows I watch are finishing up for the season, will get me away from the TV in the evenings and maybe more scrapbooking will get done. I have been filled with ideas, I definitely have the product, now I just need the time and motivation.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Friday, May 18, 2007

so close ...

- Vehicle repaired
- hair appointment tonight!
- Long weekend is here -
- and filled with bits of this and that -
plan one filled with visiting, movie watching, and scrapbooking!!!!

How about you?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And the week is looking good ....

vehicle in being repaired -
hair appointment made :-)
and long weekend coming up!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a little update .....

Well last week was a crazy ride and haven't updated anything for a bit, so thought I would let those who have enquired what has been up. Last week I spent alot of time working on getting things together to get my ds passport stuff done and away (we are running on a deadline) meetings with lawyers, running to get pics taken, etc. My son and I did spend a nice evening after one of these ventures out by going to see Spideyman 3 - that was pretty good, still like number 2 the best though.

Anyway last Thursday we spent the morning and a bit of the afternoon at the Passport Canada office getting all the paperwork in - so that was a big relief. We were on the way back to the school and my property manager called and said my landlord is in the city and wants to come and see my place. I was immediately sick to my stomach, I don't know how many of you are aware of the rental nightmares that are happening in Alberta right now, especially in Edmonton and Calgary. Because of the housing market shooting through the roof - rental properties have become unaffordable for many people, some rates have gone up from $400-$1200 - and that is only the increase on what people already pay. My landlord lives out of the country right now, and he would profit from selling his property in the city right now, and I can't afford to buy or to have my rent hiked up a significant amount. And there just is not alot of options for people who want to stay in the city. So I became very very very stressed, and really scared about the meeting, was near tears most of the two days.

Things did turn out better than I was fearing - and I am so grateful for that - yes I will have an increase but I trully feel he will be objective and fair - and isn't selling at the moment - I hope, but even if he does again I think he will be fair to us. It was good to meet him, and when they were here my property manager spoke highly of me, saying I was the best renter he has had, so that was very nice to hear, and it was good for my landlord to hear. So I still await the final verdict, but I am calmer in my heart that whatever the outcome I will be able to handle it.

I am having some really bad hair days lately haha, so time to get that taken care of - I was going to try and grow my bangs out for summer so I could tuck it all under a baseball cap but lordy no way to that it is driving me nuts haha. I have to take my vehicle in this evening to get a squeaky brake problem looked at, cross your fingers that I can still eat after getting it looked at haha.

So passport stuff all in, and as far as I know we are on track with everything - thank god for grandparents - they are being a big help and support in getting my ds to Germany this summer for the tournament ect.
Haven't been scrapping in the last week, but last night I sat down and started to work on a project I have to do for a friend, oh I forgot I did scrap some tags and a coaster book card for my mom.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

happy hottie day!

haha how can ya tell I just finished from coming from Renee M's site to check out her Wednesday hottie - and she did not disappoint - yum yum.
I have been so busy at work at the beginning of the week, and today like the weather has taken a bit of a down slide and has been quiet and slow. I would much rather the busy day - things drag a bit when the day is quiet. So I just made myself a cup of tea and thought I would come in and do a bit of surfing blogs :-) I have to go after work and go and see about getting my ds a couple passport pictures so we can get all his info in soon. And also with the day being quiet maybe I will have some energy tonight to do a little scrapping?! I hope so.

So happy Hottie day to you all - and hope you have a great rest of the week!

Monday, May 7, 2007

The awesome weekend !

Well what can I say - I think this was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time! Didn't get as much scrapbooking done as I would like, but I will just have to continue with doing the challenges online - there is still alot of things I would like to do, just didn't have time. I have to say this tournament of my ds - well it was the best one I have ever been too, and that is in all the years of watching him play anything.

Handball - for those of you who are not familiar with this sport - it is a team sport played on a basketball court, with nets about half the size of a soccer net, and really a ball that looks like half the size of a soccer ball just more colorful. The players put a stickum all over their hands (it's very tacky stuff) so that the ball sticks to their hands. They can dribble, mostly they take their steps and there is alot of succession (passing the ball inbetween them) till they are placed along the crease in front of the net, and they hurl the ball at the goalie. The other team is allowed to block the players from trying to make shots, and (though it sounds violent) there is alot of controlled holding and hitting going on. But not to inflict pain more so to stop the other's team successions and just get in the way, haha. The game is non stop action, two halfs at 20 min per - so the game goes quickly and from the first whistle it is seriously non stop. I love it.

Well after three days and 6 games - our kids brought home the provincial GOLD - it was very exciting - honestly it came down to the last second of play - the very last second - it was such an exciting game, and by the end had the crowd on their feet.

haha and I am exhausted - my son laughs at me as he is a pile of bruises and bumps and he actually played, and I am the one so tired today I am having a hard time keeping awake haha.

It was the best weekend in a long long time. Oh yes and I am proud to say that my ds was selected by Team Alberta to go to the Nationals in Germany this summer, it is all very exciting, and I have to figure out how to get him a passport etc. I hope whatever you all got up to this weekend it was full of great memories!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

National Scrapbooking Day

Well what are you all up to? I had so many things planned this weekend something was bound to have to give, and unfortunately it was my planned Scrapalicious Crop - I ended up spending the time with my son, and don't regret it one bit, though I really wanted to go out and meet the Love2Scrap gals at the crop, but there will be others. My son has his big handball tournament this weekend and I am really enjoying that, he really enjoys playing the game, and it is one that is so full of action that the time it takes to play just flys by - it's an awesome sport. So that has taken up a big part of the weekend, and then he wanted to go and do some shopping today so off we went. He is a teenager, so us going and having an afternoon doing shopping well they are few and far between so we took advantage of having some time this afternoon and evening and went. And the day is gone, he is out at a friend's for a couple hours so I am zipping in here and now I think I will go and try and do some scrapping on National Scrapbooking Day, and hopefully tomorrow sometime when the tournament is at an end I can squeeze in some more creative hours.

So whatever all of you have gotten up to this weekend - I am hoping your weekend is filled with laughter and love!

Take care!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

some of my weekends accomplishments ...

Yes while I have become addicted to Facebook haha - it's kinda fun girls really! - and I have gotten back in touch with a few friends I haven't seen for a bit - one of my first loves is of course scrapbooking - and I actually got back at it this weekend - here are a couple of my favorite ones :-) had to post them on one of my other new addictions - blogging haha - going to need a 12 step program for all this stuff ya know!!!!!!